VOR Robotics

Posted by: Randalf

Subsidiary of: Mitsuhama Computer Technologies
Headquarters: Fukushima, Japan
President/CEO: Kataoka Kyoichi
Chairman of the Board: Ueda Miyoji
Corporate Status: Public
Shareholders: Mitsuhama Automatronics(63%),
Jenna Nielsen(11%), Bessho Minoru(7%),
Richard Villiers(5%)
Rating: A*
Products: Robotics, vehicles, drones

Founded in 2054. Purchased by Mitsuhama Automatronics in 2059. VOR Robotics has a presence in half a dozen countries and free states along the pacific rim including Japan, UCAS, Hong Kong, Australia and Russia.

The company trades in ground and sea vehicles, drones and industrial robots, doing both research and manufacture. While the company caters primarily to the civilian market, they sometimes cooperate with other MCT subsidiaries to build products for the military market such as the successful Ishiyumi Light Infantry Support Drone.


VOR Robotics

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