Jaguar Weapon Systems

Posted by: Randalf

Subsidiary of: Aztechnology
Headquarters: Seattle, UCAS
President/CEO: Wade Mcguire
Chairman of the Board: Ernesto Herrera
Corporate Status: Public
Shareholders: Baunheim Group (39%),
MN&C (37%), Pyramid Operations (22%)
Rodriguez Cortines (2%)
Rating: L
Products: Military Hardware and Software

Owned by three Aztechnology shell corporations, Jaguar Weapon Systems is far enough removed from the megacorporation that there is little chance of a connection being made between the two in the public conscience. As such the company has been free to create some very interesting products. Nerve gas, weaponized cyberware, military-grade black IC, etc. There have even been stories about cyborgs, which seems to have been corroborated by the company’s recent appearance in the news.

The company has their main office near the Aztechnology pyramide, some research facilities scattered throughout the metroplex, a couple of medium-sized production facilities in Auburn, as well as a large production and testing facility in Tacoma near Ft. Lewis with attached testing grounds.


Jaguar Weapon Systems

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