Applied Ceretronics

Posted by: Randalf

Subsidiary of: NeoNET
Headquarters: Seattle, UCAS
President/CEO: Richard Grover
Chairman of the Board: Bert Horton
Corporate Status: Public
Major Shareholders: NeoNET (75%),
Benita Brennan (9%), Kenneth Wheeler (7%),
Angelique Cameron (7%)
Rating: A*
Products: Matrix software, brainware

This Seattle-based company specializes in the link between meat and machine, more specifically the direct link between brain and computer. The company was created in 2062 as a daughter company of Novatech doing research into datajacks and associated technologies. Since then they’ve branched out into most kinds of brainware, as well as the software to facilitate brain to machine interface. Rumors have it that they have also produced some very effective black IC.

The company doesn’t produce any products themselves, being purely a research enterprise. The end result of all research is sold to other NeoNET subsidiaries for production. As such, more than half the research by the company is initiated at the request of other NeoNET companies, with the remaining research being conducted into future areas of interest.


Applied Ceretronics

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