8450 161st Ave NE

Attached SIN: None
Address: 8450 161st Ave NE, Redmond, Seattle
Monthly Cost: 4400¥

Comforts: Low
Entertainment: Middle
Necessities: Low
Neighborhood: Squatter
Security: Low

A garage and attached apartment in the Village. The neighborhood watch is close knit and well armed, meaning that gang problems are minimal, and regular thieves have a tendency to be grabbed by neighbors. You have water and electricity for your place, although the electricity comes from an illegal tap and the water is pulled from the nearby river, so a backup generator and bottled water are a good idea.

You have a complete bed, matching table and chairs, and a sofa. Your walls are decorated with cheap AR paints. You wear clothes from a second hand store or the sales rack at Kong Wal-Mart, and do your laundry at a coin-op facility in the Block. Wireless coverage is available but glitchy.

You eat soy nutria-bars or universal patties with flavor packets. You have an assortment of shows to watch at home, either on the trid or in AR and people know your name at a neighborhood bar. You make a monthly visit to the barbershop or low-end salon.


Concerned Neighbors: Your neighbors are tight knit and keep an eye on each other. They will investigate unusual sounds and will check on you. Consider concerned neighbors as an additional security test. Just be sure to tell your neighbors when your weirdo friends are coming to visit.

Quiet Neighborhood: The home is on a quiet little street, where people feel safe enough to walk at night. Gangs are passive or apathetic to the area. Crime around here is half what is expected for the given type of neighborhood purchased.

Workplace: The home has an attached garage or an available large space, secure from the elements, to work in, operate a small business, or house a magical lodge. This could be a warehouse, large lot, or even a storefront. This raises the space aspect of Necessities by two levels.

8450 161st Ave NE

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