2304 NE 10th Pl

Attached SIN: CB5O-3D5T-KHW0
Address: 2304 NE 10th Pl, Renton, Seattle
Monthly Cost: 3800¥

Comforts: Middle
Entertainment: Low
Necessities: Middle
Neighborhood: Middle
Security: Middle

A small one bedroom apartment with a lot nearby to park your car. The building is part of an apartment complex constructed for those individuals that straddle the border between low and middle lifestyles. It’s small, but well kept, and lone star patrols the neighborhood, though their response time is abysmal. The public utilities, such as electricity and water, are reliable, the wireless coverage is up 24/7. Smoke detectors and fire suppression systems are standard in all the apartments. The landlord is strict, but haven’t had any reason to dislike you yet.

Inside you have a full bedroom set, a matching living room set, and a full subscription to a virtual wallspace program with virtual weather and virtual windows. You have three or four useful drones, such as the BusyBuddy, including drone or virtual pets. You wash your clothes in a laundromat in the basement. In your closet you have mid-priced new clothing. Your Matrix system has an average firewall and monitors itself for intrusions.

You eat soy, which is prepared on a multi-function soy processor and is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and you can occasionally splurge on real food like cofee on Sundays. You also mostly drink bottled water. You have an assortment of shows to watch at home, either on the trid or in AR and subscriptions to multiple entertainment sites. To avoid unnecessary attention, you don’t go out much, instead staying at home.


Inconspicuous housing: This home looks like any other one in the neighborhood making the place hard to find. Increase the threshold to ind the place by two.

Lax Security: Whether through inexperience or indiference to the character’s home, security is not up to what it should be. he lifestyle’s Security threshold for detecting intruders (Perception and Analyze tests) is increased by one.

Trigger-Happy Landlord: Your landlord has no patience for you, your friends, and the various problems you bring home. If you’re thirty minutes late on the rent, he’ll be pounding on your door. Loud parties will be interrupted by the landlord (or he may just call the cops on you).

2304 NE 10th Pl

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