16369 NE 74th St

Attached SIN: None
Address: 16369 NE 74th St, Redmond, Seattle
Monthly Cost: 2000¥

Comforts: Low
Entertainment: Low
Necessities: Low
Neighborhood: Low
Security: Low

A small bedroom apartment in a large block apartment building. Though lone star nominally patrols the area, security is in fact upheld by the Vory. Electricity and water are subject to rationing and occasional brownouts.

You have a complete bed, matching table and chairs, and a sofa. Your walls are decorated with cheap AR paints. You wear clothes from a second hand store or the sales rack at Kong Wal-Mart, and you do your laundry at a coin-op facility. Wireless coverage is available but at a low signal rating.

You eat soy nutria-bars or universal patties with flavor packets. You have a subscription to a few trid shows, music, or casual AR gaming sites with a vanilla avatar. You hang out at the local hole-in-the-wall club & bar with synthahol and recorded music. You make a monthly visit to the barbershop or low-end salon.


Black Hole: Anything small, valuable, or shiny tends to go missing in your home. Keycards, credsticks, ammo, jewelry, and matching socks disappear, although no one knows if it is the work of tiny gnomes or more mysterious forces… Any item with a concealability of –4 or more is at risk. When an item disappears, the gamemaster rolls two dice. The items reappear in 6-(hits) days.

Inconspicuous housing: This home looks like any other one in the neighborhood making the place hard to find. Increase the threshold to ind the place by two.

16369 NE 74th St

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