10641 Redmond Woodinville Rd NE

Attached SIN: None
Address: 10641 Redmond Woodinville Rd NE, Redmond, Seattle
Monthly Cost: (7000¥) 2000¥

Comforts: Middle
Entertainment: Low
Necessities: Middle
Neighborhood: Squatter
Security: Low

A large mansion overlooking the overgrown Willows Run Golf Course across the Sammamish River. The area around the house is mostly urban wasteland, with the Redmond Redeemers having their main base of operations just a short walk away. None of the locals bother Misaki, but you still have to watch your back when leaving the house. Somehow the public utilities, such as electricity and water, are reliable, the wireless coverage is up 24/7.

Your furniture is made of real wood, though they are most likely knockoffs rather than antiques. There are no drones, and though there is AR throughout the house, it is not used for decor. Despite the lack of drones, the house is still kept neat by a bunch of spirits. In your closet you have mid-priced new clothing bought from here an there. Your Matrix system has an average firewall and monitors itself for intrusions.

Soy is prepared on a multi-function soy processor and is almost indistinguishable from the real thing, and when you can find it locally you occasionally splurge on real food. Due to Misaki’s dislike for frivolous use of the Matrix, you are limited to a subscription to a few trid shows, music, and casual AR gaming. More often you read books, or venture down to the Village or the Block to get a drink and some company.


Aspected domain: Over time, the forces of magic here has been manipulated and groomed to become aspected in favor of combination of Misaki’s magical tradion. This gives an aspected background count of 2 to that tradition (see p. 118, Street Magic).

Privacy Screen: Thick vegetation around this house makes external physical and astral observation of the house difficult. Add +1 to the threshold to any physical or astral Perception Test when attempting to perform surveillance on the home or residents.

Living under Misaki: Misaki stands for most of the bills. In exchange you must follow the rules of the house. No visitors, no major rituals without permission. You have a feeling that she knows everything that is happening inside the walls.

Well Made: The home is well-insulated and well-made. The owner stays dry and comfortable, even in extreme weather events such as 100 degree or higher temperatures or severe thunderstorms.

10641 Redmond Woodinville Rd NE

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