The Village

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Coordinates: 47°40’42.39”N, 122°7’39.33”V

A little oasis of peace stretching from Sammamish river to Education Hill. Close to Bellevue, I know a couple of people who actually work there in menial jobs, who chooses the Village as a home due to the low cost of living.


Azarov’s General Store: Run by the Azarov clan, the shop is usually well stocked for day to day needs, though the stock for specific items is erratic. The store accepts trade chips, nuyen and occasional barter.

The Doc: The streetdoc known as Chicago has his shop in a basement off NE 85th street.

The Hole: Our local black market guy, Hole Johnson as he is called has his base of operations in the Village, and usually have various merchandise is stock that he just want off his hands. Getting something specific though, can be extremely expensive.


Water is taken up from Sammamish river close by and run through the communal filtering plant, but drinking bottled water is still a good idea. Power is generally tapped from Bellevue, but it is a good idea to have a generator, as we do get blackouts whenever our tap is found.

A good percentage of the population is armed and dedicated to the communal defense. The gangs have long since learned that there are easier targets to pick on, though occasionally we do have a skirmish on the outskirts of our area of control.


The Village

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