Olivier Marxon Drinks

Posted by: Randalf

Headquarters: Zürich, Switzerland
President/CEO: John Marxon
Chairman of the Board: Arthur Marxon
Corporate Status: Private
Rating: A
Products: Soft drinks

Founded in 2043 in a cooperation between Louis Olivier and Johnathan Marxon, Olivier-Marxon Drinks have held a small part of the market in soft drinks in both Europe since its founding. Lately they’ve expanded their operations to UCAS/CAS and Arabia. Their best known products in UCAS are their “TrueFruit” line of synthetic juices, including Apple TrueFruit, Pear TrueFruit and Tropical TrueFruit.

The company has no production facilities in Seattle, producing their UCAS products in Detroit. They do have a small distribution warehouse, and several offices from which they are feeling out the possibilities for market expansion into the NAN and the pacific states.


Olivier Marxon Drinks

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