New Honda android does not impress public

At the Cherry Blossom Expo in Tokyo today, Honda revealed their new humanoid android, a tradition stretching back almost a century. The android which is available for sale to private customers, and contains programming for several domestic tasks, was not well received, however. The bipedal design suffers from several problems, some of which became visible at the show itself.

In addition to the technical problems, experts also state that there may be aesthetic problems with the android. “Humanoid drones have always filled regular people with a certain unease.” Masuji Murakami, professor of psychology at Tokyo University, say “In academic terms, the issue is known as the Uncanny Valley, and has been a design problem ever since humankind began using computer animation in the 20th century.”

  • Horizon News, February 11th, 2070


New Honda android does not impress public

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