You are free to comment and add more information to this data repository. The lives of fellow runners might be saved by the information you carry around in your brain-box.

This page shows you the format for posting and commenting. Follow this link and you’ll be able to see the code.


Comments can be inserted into a page anywhere, but please keep it sane. A comment after every paragraph makes for confusing reading. Put it at the end of the subject matter you wish to comment on.

> This is the basic format for a comment.
> Blackowl


To link to a page, just put the page’s name inside double square brackets like so: Help. To make a new page, you just create a link to that page. Then you click the link, and add whatever info you have: New Page

If you don’t want to use the page’s name as the link text, you can specify your own text by placing a vertical bar | and the link text in the link like so: The Text To Display

New Pages

If you add a new page, please add to the top: Posted by: Yourname


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