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World Headquarters: Seattle, Seattle, UCAS
President/CEO: Jessica Sirianni
Chairman of the Board: Damien Knight
Corporate Status: Public
Major Shareholders: Dwayne Wiley (47.9%),
Karen King (21.7%), Jeannette Porter (16.2%)
Rating: AA
Major Markets: Aerospace

Federated-Boeing (Fed-Boeing or F-B), headquartered in Seattle Downtown, Seattle State, UCAS, is the third largest aerospace company in the world, behind Ares Macrotechnology and Saeder-Krupp. Fed-Boeing is a member of the Pacific Prosperity Group in spite of a bad reputation in Asia where it ruthlessly exploits aerospace facilities and mining deposits.

Fed-Boeing is the largest employer in Seattle, with large facilities in Auburn where they manufacture aircraft and drones. They are also working together with Ares Macrotechnology to develope new smart material designs, fuel systems, and remote control systems.

Subsidiaries: Federated Boeing Metalworks, Federated Boeing Shipyards, McDonnell-Douglas, Sea Launch



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