Shadows of Seattle

Serious Trouble

Shortly after accepting the assignment, Boomer received a message from Ravenscar. Ravenscar told about the attempt to seize him, but claimed not to know why. He wanted the rest of the group to help, and informed that he was hiding out in Ghoul Country. The group met him there, and got him back to a warehouse near The Village. While the rest of the group tried to calm him down, Rokun messaged the Johnson, asking where they should hand him over.

The Johnson asked them to leave Ravenscar, and that he would send some people. The group left the warehouse, though Gorak left a watcher spirit to keep an eye on Ravenscar. No sooner had the group left the warehouse, than the watcher spirit returned to inform that Ravenscar was running away. The group caught up with him in an open area behind the warehouse, and Gorak summoned up an Earth spirit in the form of an oak tree to restrain him. Which worked pretty well.

That’s when an unmarked Skytrain choppered in. The group was unconcerned as they watched the hovering aircraft, expecting it to be the pickup. However, then the side door opened up revealing two people with sniper rifles. Before anyone could react, they opened fire, pumping two rounds into Ravenscar who was still trapped by the spirit, and one round into each of Gorak and Crush.

The following battle was very quick. Boomer manged to take down one of the snipers, before Gorak unleashed a fire spirit inside the vehicle. The skytrain quickly pulled away, but didn’t get far before it plunged to the earth, exploding in satisfying fashion.

Ravenscar died from his injuries, but the others were patched up by Chicago and are on their way into hiding. Probably a good idea to lay low for a few months.

Posted by: Blackowl


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