Shadows of Seattle

Ecoterrorist Trouble

The group, sans Ravenscar, had a very interesting meet today. They were to log on to a hidden server, where they talked with a faceless Johnson. The Johnson informed them that Ravenscar was part of the GreenWar ecoterrorist cell that attacked the Olympia Fusion Reactor in 2063. The Johnson had already tried to apprehend Ravenscar, but he had managed to get away. Seeing as how the group had been colleagues of Ravenscar’s for a time, the Johnson hoped that they would be able to do better. If the group could apprehend him, and hand him over, they would be handsomely rewarded.

Given Ravenscar’s newly revealed background, the group accepted, and began a search for him.

Posted by: Blackowl


Rubberduck Rubberduck

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