Shadows of Seattle

Baby Steps

So today I gathered a little group consisting of Boomer, Rokun, Crush, Gorak and Ravenscar. Complete newbies most of them, but they did fine. Job was a simple retrieval. The Black Bears gang had acquired a suitcase that didn’t belong to them, and stashed it at a drug production facility they were running.

The team attempted diplomacy first, and when that didn’t work Crush and one of Gorak’s spirits let loose. A bit excessive, but I don’t think a single ganger left there alive, including Black Claw the gang’s leader. There’ll be hell to pay from Black Claw’s brother if he ever finds out who did it.

A couple of Yakuza also dropped in, and was smeared by Crush. The client might find this interest..

Posted by: Blackowl


Rubberduck Rubberduck

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